Spec Promotional Email

BRAND: Hudson’s Bay (Canada’s iconic department store, offering merchandise for men, women, children and the home)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Men ages 28-45 with household incomes of over $50,000. They may buy one or two sweaters for themselves each year, but they don’t typically think of “fall” as an opportunity to refresh their wardrobes the way that women do. They are motivated by savings and convenience, as well as by style.

GOAL: The goal of the project is for these men to visit their local Hudson’s Bay store during the Men’s Fall Sweater Event, to increase the fall sweater revenue.

SOLUTION: I wrote a sales email designed to appeal to this demographic’s desire to be stylish at an affordable price. The ad reminds them that fall is an opportunity to refresh their wardrobes, and invites them to shop in-store to enjoy the deep discounts the promotion offers.