Sylvina Needs Technology Skills to Make Her Dreams of Helping Create Jobs for Other Haitians a Reali

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Name: Sylvina Metellus
Big Goal: Gain Computer Literacy, Learn English, Get Gainful Employment

Big Obstacle: No Access to Computers, No Way to Learn English & Get Skills She NeedsWhat Sylvina

Needs: Computer Access and Lessons, English Lessons, Mentorship

At the age of nine, Sylvina Metellus’ life was shattered when her father died unexpectedly. Her mother, two brothers and one sister struggled financially and often went without food. Growing up in the town of St. Marc (about 3 hours from Port au Prince) they had no access to electricity and potable water.

In spite of many obstacles, Sylvina displayed a stubborn determination to go to school and get an education. She worked at a variety of jobs and saved enough to pay for one year of college. With additional financial support from a network of extended family members, Sylvina proudly completed her degree in economics from Ecole de Droit et des Sciences de Gonaives.

In spite of her hard work, Sylvina has been unable to find meaningful employment as most employers are looking for technology skills which she does not have.

Without access to computers and no more money to pay for additional training, Sylvina feels stuck.

While her first goal is to find work as an economist, her biggest dream is to one day start her own business and to help create meaningful employment for others.

She knows she will need access to and an understanding of technology to make that happen.

To prepare to be the business leader that she dreams of, Sylvina believes she will also need to learn English. And so with the same stubborn determination that got her into and through college, she is studying English on her own at home.

You can help Sylvina complete her education and make her dream of creating jobs for other Haitians come true.

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