A bit about me...

photo.JPGHi, I’m Raquel. Thanks for visiting my about page! 

I’m a Toronto area freelance copywriter but I work with clients across the world.

I specialize in creating appealing, benefit-focused copy, natural sounding SEO keyword placement and persuasive calls to action. If you’re looking for a copywriter to help sell your product or service, or if you need convincing content for your website or blog, you’re in the right place! 

When we work together on your copywriting project, I’ll bring over 20 years of experience in insurance, with the expertise to analyse information, strategize, and develop copy based on your unique brand voice and business goals.

I’ll also bring a background in the study of English literature, (BA, York University), which makes me a fantastic storyteller – adept at creating narratives that boost revenue and your brand’s profile.

I’ve worked as a manager, corporate trainer, and risk management coach so I’m experienced in considering information from many sources and communicating effectively in ways that will resonate with your audience.

Working within your budget, I’ll use my passion for writing to heighten exposure for your company, and help your business grow and flourish!

If you’re happy partnering with someone (hint…me!) who’s quick to laugh while reliably creating the winning copy you need, you’ve found your writer.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my professional experience and connect with me there.


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